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Architecture in Vienna

Nearly every epoch in Vienna has left an architectural legacy. Whether it's baroque palaces, Jugendstil gems or modern skyscrapers - Vienna has it all.

Baroque Vienna

Superstition and piety, epidemics, wanton gluttony, the omnipresence of death and, at the same time, unbridled lust for life – all these contrasts characterize the baroque era.
No other period has left so many traces in Vienna. It is not only the baroque buildings and rulers that are important, but above all the attitude to life at that time - between faith and reformation, between sensual pleasure and fear of death...

Our recommendation: about 2 hours

Book now:  
> Tatjana Henfling
> Tanja Rosenberger
> Alla Spieldiener
> Christine Triebnig-Löffler
> Katharina Trost


Modern Vienna

The construction of the Loos house at Michaelerplatz paved the way for modern architecture in Vienna, even though it caused outrage opinion at the time. The Haas House, from Hans Hollein created similar waves when it was built on the Stephansplatz. Most modern architecture in the old city is found in rooftop conversions, but a short visit across the Danube, to so-called 'Transdanubia' (the baby - Manhattan of Vienna) allows you to view many other examples.

Our recommendation: about 2 hours

Book now:  
> Tatjana Henfling
> Christine Triebnig-Löffler
> Katharina Trost


Vienna University – WU Campus

Six renowned architectural agencies from around the globe were commissioned to create world-class architecture that makes up the new campus of the Vienna University of Economics and Business. Variously designed, richly diverse, with a park-like ambience, the new WU campus has around 25,000 students and offers them a perfect platform to deepen their knowledge. We will see the different institutional buildings, the impressive library, the main lecture hall and tell you more about the latest technology and the exemplary use of resources.

Our recommendation: about 2 hours

Book now:  
> Christine Triebnig-Löffler
> Katharina Trost


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