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Advent & Christmas

During Advent time, almost the entire city centre is transformed into a large colourful and festively lit Christmas market. Allow yourself a moment of contemplation during this often stressful time and let yourself be enchanted by the very special atmosphere of the city, accompanied by many surprising stories about Christmas customs and traditions.

Christmas in Vienna

From mid-November, the centre of Vienna is transformed into a huge Christmas village, Christmas markets pop up in every available square. How did this all begin and where did the
other traditions come from that help to shorten the waiting time until Christmas Day?

Our recommendation: about 2 hours

Book now:  
> Tatjana Henfling
> Alla Spieldiener
> Katharina Trost


From St. Nikolaus to Angels Hair

We walk along the trail of the Viennese Advent and Christmas traditions, through quiet lanes and winding paths off the beaten track. We hear about oracles and other ways of passing the cold winter nights. Listen to interesting stories about the best time of the year.

Our recommendation: about 90 minutes

Book now:  
> Tatjana Henfling
> Katharina Trost


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